There are many explanations for how the name Mashishing came into being. Below are some explanations which may hold some truth.

According to historic accounts the original community (BaPedi) resided at Boomplaats. After the land was sold to private people the original residents moved away and settled at the banks of the Marambane River. The name Marambane was derived from the word mahambane meaning to walk. This word was used to describe the gold prospectors (1871), Abomahambane, who scoured the hills and valleys around Lydenburg in search of gold. It was here that Mashishing was established. At first it was agreed that the area be named Marangrang (after a Pedi chief and businessman) but it was later decided to name it Mashishing, after the tall grass of the area.

This reference to grass also made in another probable explanation for the origin of Mashishing. Major of Thaba Chweu, Mr Michael Ncongwane, who is also an enthusiastic historian, explained that the BaPedi settled here with their cattle mainly because this area had excellent grazing for cattle. Therefore the place was referred to as Leshishi – good grass or grazing. Leshishi became Mashishing. The latter explains why reference is made to grass in both cases, you decide which is more probable!

Unique stone-built houses dating from the 1930's can be found in Mashishing. They are original and a sight to behold!