Food for thought

You cannot stay at Amani in Lydenburg and not purchase food from these unique businesses!



Saint Pie and Lunsklip Fisheries are two of the proudly "Made in Lydenburg" businesses.

Lunsklip Fisheries was started in 1974 by Gerrie van der Merwe. It is now a full-fletched family business with Gerrie's son Stephan responsible for marketing; his son Renier responsible for production; his wife Hannetjie responsible for the administration and Gerrie responsible for networking. They sell table trout, smoked trout, pates and roulade. Ask reception at Amani to order your fish well in advance to take back home!

Saint Pie started in a small cafe at the exit of Lydenburg en route to Ohrigstad. Tourists would stop there on their way back home to buy frozen pies to take home. It is for a very good reason named the Saint of all Pies - you will not easily find pies that can be compared to the Saint Pie products! Some of the unique pies are the Bobotie pie and the Boerewors wrap. Reception at Amani can order you boxes of frozen pies to take home. Your children will never want anything else!