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On your way to the Kruger park? Is your route via Lydenburg? Stop right there! Experience the tad smaller wonders that nature has to offer.

The Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve is situated north-east of Lydenburg and lies next to the scenically spectacular Long Tom Pass. The reserve comprises 2200ha of beautiful Drakensberg escarpment fauna and flora. It is home of 270 bird species. The reserve consists of exciting hiking and biking trials. It also hosts popular mountain biking and running races for the sport enthusiasts. 

Last but not least-do not forget to visit the Lydenburg Museum! It portrays rich cultural history for the keen minds for heritage. It is situated at the entrance of Gustav Klingbiel.

Gustav Klingbiel is a mere 3 km from Amani Boutique Hotel.

Written by Kamilla Venter (9 October 2014 @ 10h00)